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  Emerald-Trac provides benefit plan administration software for independent fund office computer systems and administrative support.

Flexibility :

Changes in benefit rate levels, rules, etc. are easily made by the system operator. Current custom-built systems are usually obsolete or stagnant and it is difficult to make changes to the initial programs without out-sourced assistance and additional costs.

Efficiency :
Saves time since all information is only entered once by data-entry eliminating steps in the traditional process of recording checks, processing checks, and entering participant's data.

Reliability :

After initial entry, all information and calculations are 100% error free since operations are performed automatically.

Credibility :
Participant's eligibility, pension amounts, annuity payments are accurately and automatically verified to assure accurate results.
Reporting :
All reports are "real-time" and not "static" or batched since the system is built in a relational database. Unlike other systems, your operator may query the database at any time for any "ad hoc" report desired or needed...even within the month.
Ease of Operation :
Operators do not have to possess detailed knowledge of transactions. Reduces the operator level to a clerical position, since the only function needed is one time transmittal entry...all downstream rules, formulas, and calculations are performed automatically.
Cost Effective :
Reduction in processing steps, fewer errors, no adjustment checks, less skilled operators, and "instant" reporting reduces operating costs by 30% to 50% in typical installations.
Control :
By in-house operation, your fund office will be able to respond immediately to your participants for questions or changes with no reliance to outside providers.
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