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Welcome to Emerald Trac Web developed by GEMGroup.

We are pleased to provide members and sponsors the ability to access real time information online. Select a system and click "Continue" to login. If you're having trouble logging in, please check the "System Requirements" section below.

There are new enhancements that have been added to the current web reporting. These enhancements include how you currently access the web and some new fields on the data entry screen that may or may not be updated applicable to the client. If you are reporting any work other than Steelworkers Pension Trust, please select the GEM circle. If you are reporting work as Steelworkers Pension Trust, please select that circle.

GEM   Steelworkers Pension Trust

System Requirements

Prior to logging into the system, you must download and install Oracle Java Runtime version 6.x or higher. If this is the first time you are accessing Emerald Trac from this computer, the browser may prompt you to allow Java to run. See figure below.

Click on the RUN button to allow the Java JRE to run. Your browser may also prompt you with a security information window as show below. Please click the RUN button to allow Java package to run.

You will be able to print and/or save user documentation on how to use the Emerald-Trac system from the Document option on the menu once you have connected to the system and successfully logged in.
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